Nokia D600 Tetra

Nokia D600 Tetra
Brand: Nokia
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Nokia d600

The Dolphin d600 is an essential business tool for versatile mobile communications. This TETRA handset, designed and manufactured by Nokia combines the power of digital radio, mobile telephony and messaging. From instant individual and group calling through to messaging and conventional mobile phone calls, the d600 puts several critical ways to communicate in the palm of your hand.

Exceptional speech clarity
The speech clarity of the d600 is exceptional thanks to the unique TETRA technology that is sensitive to the frequencies of the human voice whilst suppressing background noise.

Flexible modes of call reception

The d600 has an optional high volume loudspeaker mode for use with Express Connect and Express Group calls. For more ‘discrete’ situations you can simply switch, even mid-call, to conventional telephone operation.


Despite its sophisticated features and advanced design, the Dolphin d600 is extremely simple to use. Easy-to-follow menus and short-cut keys provide quick access to all voice, text and status messaging facilities.

Designed for the mobile professional

Especially designed for the dedicated mobile worker, the d600 is stylish, sophisticated and robust. To keep you free to work yet in total control of the d600’s unique communications power, a complementary range of accessories and hands-free kits is available.

Technical Data

152mm (H) x 54mm (W) x 42 mm (L)

370g with standard battery

Output Power
Software controlled (max.) 1 W

Battery Power*
Standard 1200 NiMH:

12 hours standby
2.5 hours talk time.
High Capacity 1850 NiMH:
18 hours standby
4 hours talk time.

Frequency Bands
410 – 430 MHz

Operation Mode
Duplex and semi-duplex

Helix 410 – 430 MHz

19 alphanumeric keys
Emergency key
On/Off key
PTT button

Dynamic high precision graphics display with

Signal strength
Alpha mode
Key guard
Silent mode
Express Text
Status message

Personal Hands-Free Kit

Over the ear speaker for maximum comfort with lapel-clipped, integral microphone and PTT button. Supports both PTT and telephone style communications.

Full Hands-Free Vehicle Kit

Nokia full hands-free installation includes and easy fit cradle with remote microphone, PTT button and speaker.

Also available

Travel charger
Belt clip
Cigarette lighter charger
High capacity battery
* NOTE: As verified on the Dolphin network under controlled conditions using a new fully charged battery.

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